God Is Just Pretend

God Is Just Pretend by – Mike Wasdin


Speaking About the Unspeakable

God Is Just Pretend – Many will question why I would want to write about such a controversial subject as this. After all, Religion and politics are said to be the two subjects we should try to avoid; if we do not want to offend others.

I have never been one who cared much for political correctness. Also, religion and politics are the two subjects I most often like to talk about. One of the main reasons is because I am a non-conformist. I don’t act in a particular manner because society says that I should. If society decides something is taboo, chances are that is the exact thing I will talk and write about. Be warned, I also write on the subject of politics. So, if speaking about the unspeakable is something that is damaging to your delicate senses, you should pass on anything I may write because those are most likely going to be the subjects.

You should know, I will be writing this from an atheist’s point of view. But I would also hope people of faith who are not afraid to look at other views without feeling threatened or offended might read it as well. You should never be unwilling to look at other points of view; no matter how much you believe you already know what the truth is. Many people of faith have never taken the time to really even investigate their beliefs; instead, they just accepted them … after all, that’s why it’s called faith.

Although my main purpose in writing this is not to cause offense that is almost certain to happen. I can understand why this would be. No one likes to have their beliefs called into question; because it may make them appear to be foolish or stupid. This, of course, would be the main reason for people getting upset and not even be wanting to discuss the matter. Because deep down inside they also know it does not sound believable. By not talking about it, they do not have to try and defend the indefensible. But, is it better to hold onto beliefs that you may have not examined in full or be willing to examine them and determine if they are really worth holding onto at all?

God Is Just Pretend

This is written from an atheist’s point of view and will be critical of many things sacred to religious people. There is no way to discuss these topics without offending someone. As a Libertarian, I believe people should have the right to believe in anything they want to believe in; no matter how silly or implausible others may believe those things to be. With that being said, I would like to point out that having a right to a belief does not void someone else’s equal right to have an opinion opposite yours or be vocal about it. You do not have a right to not have your beliefs challenged or to not be offended.

I have tried to write this in what I feel is as least offensive tone as I could because it was important to me for atheists and theists alike to be able to read this. But, please understand, I am an atheist and as such, it is hard for me to be as non-bias as some people reading this would like. Just as it would be hard for someone who is a theist to write about atheism I am sure. But, with that said, I am sure most will agree that for the most part that it is as non-offensive as is possible.

Atheists who may want to use this or any other book should be aware that it’s not very likely you will succeed in convincing a person of faith to change his or her opinion of their faith…if that is your goal. You may feel frustrated and annoyed because the person you are talking to cannot easily see what you see so clearly. Most likely this person will be as equally frustrated that you cannot fathom the greatness of their God.


What’s Your Purpose?

God Is Just Pretend – You may or may not agree with what is presented here. If you are religious, chances are very good you will want to dismiss everything you read. Before you read this, I think it’s important to ask yourself what you hope to get out of it. If the goal is to seek knowledge; even if it takes you places that you may find uncomfortable, then by all means continue.

But, if you are only interested in reading material that furthers your own self-interest of propagating a belief that you have. Then there is no amount of knowledge or evidence that could sway your belief or cause you to reconsider. If this is the case, then stop now and save yourself a lot of time. You can continue about your day knowing that your mind has not been subjected to anything; that might chip away at the safe little world you have created for yourself.

If there is no amount of evidence that could be presented that would sway your opinion or cause you to reconsider your position; then what possible reason would you have for trying to gain knowledge or further your education about this or any other subject? If you are convinced you already know all there is to know already, you should cease trying to further your education at all on this or any subject. Just tell yourself you have reached the maximum capability and capacity of your mind, and it is closed for any further progress from this point forward.

God Is Just Pretend

If your beliefs are so fragile that they cannot stand up to challenge or the slightest scrutiny, would this really be something you would want to continue to believe in any way? Are your senses so delicate that you are not even willing to listen to someone else’s point of view? Does the thought that someone might disagree with you, cause an immediate desire to place both hands over your ears while closing your eyes and repeating loud chanting noises as to avoid listening? If this is the case you should not waste your time here, you should look for something else to read that will help to further the beliefs you have already.

However, if knowledge and understanding are what you seek and you are bold enough to follow this road no matter where it might lead, then please do continue. If you do decide to continue, ask yourself what makes more sense to you?

To be clear, I do not profess to have all the answers, nor the truth. I simply will lay the facts out as we know them to be; you will have to decide for yourself what sounds more rational and logical. First of all, I cannot force you to believe anything, nor would I try. Secondly, I would hope you possess the ability to weigh the evidence and decide for yourself if there is a case against God.

But of course, that will be up to you to decide…

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