It’s a Miracle


It’s a Miracle!


Do you believe in miracles?

Miracles seem to happen almost daily in the lives of a theist. These miracles may be something as trivial as remembering where someone left their car keys to someone being pulled from the brink of death at the last minute. Of course, these things could only mean it was ‘God’ that performed these ‘miracles’ to the believer.

Never does the believer ever question why their god would be so discriminate in His choices of where to perform these miracles. A young child dying of cancer is not ‘Gods’ fault, nor does the believer not only question why, but goes further in giving their God a free pass on the subject entirely. The go to answer is of course that ‘God’ works in mysterious ways and had a much larger plan for why He did what He did, and we could never fathom the brilliance of such a plan. We should not question this plan because it’s divine.

God seems to have time in his busy schedule to find someone’s car keys, have someone’s favorite sports team win the Superbowl or make sure they get the job they applied for, but can’t seem to be bothered with things like curing cancer, stopping hunger or stopping that plane from crashing killing everyone onboard…but if by chance there is a lone survivor this could only be ‘Gods’ work and it’s no doubt a ‘miracle’…Hallelujah indeed!

Any ‘miracles’ of monumental proportion all would seem to have taken place many hundreds or thousands of years before man was capable of documenting these ‘miracles’ and today there are no ‘miracles’ at all of this magnitude. Parting sea’s, flooding the Earth, turning people into salt pillars, talking snakes, virgin births, all seemed to have conveniently happened at a point in time before such things could be examined scientifically and documented.

Of course, the theist would make the argument that ‘miracles’ still happen all the time. These times would include those rare occasions when someone somehow is cured of a disease, an abducted child is found, that one person survives an airplane crash, or someone finds their car keys….these could only be ‘miracles’ and ‘God’ is most certainly to credit for these things…but what about when in the majority of other times things do not have a happy ending, why is ‘God’ not to blame? The person dies of the disease, the abducted child is found dead, everyone on the plane dies and you never find your car keys.

It would seem that ‘God’ gets all of the credit and none of the blame. Of course to anyone of a rational mind we understand that this is just how it is…sometimes things work out well and sometimes they don’t, but in either case there was no divine intervention.


 Who or What Created God?


A Quest for Knowledge


A Quest for Knowledge

Since man first crawled from the cave he has been on a quest for knowledge. Not having the ability to understand the universe early man invented Gods to explain their world. There were Gods for everything, from water and fire, to Earth and the cosmos. Thunder and lightning meant that the Gods must be angry and if it rained they were sad.

This would all seem to make perfect sense for the mind of a caveman since they were not capable of conceptual and rational thought. They simply replaced one unknown for another in their world. Rain = Gods sad, Thunder and lightning = Gods angry. This ‘caveman logic’ explained everything they needed to know and because of their limited logic and reason worked fine for them.

Just as in the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy,” when a native in the Kalahari Desert encounters technology for the first time–in the shape of a Coke bottle. I found this to be very amusing, but I also began to see parallels between his thought process, and that of the modern day Theist. Both are using caveman logic to explain their world. The native using caveman logic thinks, “bottle fall from the sky, must be a gift from the Gods” and the modern day theist thinks, “see that tree, that proves God.” Both of them simply have replaced one unknown for another, but still, have not answered where these things came from.

It is easy to understand how this method of replacing one unknown for another was passed down through the generations as a means by which to describe our world. It is also easy to see how someone of such limited capacity could accept this line of reasoning to define their world.

As mankind evolved, man’s logic and reason evolved as well. This ‘caveman logic’ did not seem to work as well as it once did. Science and math had now replaced ‘caveman logic’ and we demanded proof for the things we believed in. Through using logic and reason, and applying science and math we replaced caveman logic and learned that:

Rain = ‘Gods sad’, was replaced with science and we learned that rain is caused by; “Precipitation that forms when cloud droplets (or ice particles) in clouds grow and combine to become so large that their fall speed exceeds the updraft speed in the cloud; and they then fall out of the cloud. If these large water drops or ice particles do not re-evaporate as they fall farther below the cloud, they reach the ground as precipitation.”

Thunder = ‘Gods angry’, was replaced and learned to be caused by; “The sudden expansion of the air around a lightning bolt’s path. The deep rumbling and sharp cracks of thunder are produced as the air around the lightning bolts are superheated – up to about 54,000° Fahrenheit (about 33,000° Celsius) – and rapidly expands. This rapid expansion creates an acoustic shock wave that manifests itself as thunder.”

Through science and math and by using logic and reason, mankind had replaced ‘caveman logic’ and was able to explain his world in more rational and sensible ways. Man now relied on the rules of evidence to validate a claim and demanded proof for things he was willing to say he believed in … except in one area.

Where faith was concerned ‘caveman logic’ seemed to still be the method of which to explain our world. God was proven in the mind of a theist simply by pointing to a tree, flower or an insect. This ‘caveman logic’ was more than enough proof in their mind and it did not matter that all they had done was to replace one unknown for another, to them the question had been answered and it was not up for debate or challenge.

It is sad that with all of the mankind’s greatest achievements that we have still not crawled that far beyond the cave…and ‘caveman logic.’

The quest continues …

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