Lack of Evidence

Lack Evidence

Lack of Evidence


“Philosophy gives us unanswered questions; religion gives us unquestioned answers.”

Theists will often claim they have proof of God.  They will usually ask you to consider the intricacies of a tree, an animal or an insect. They will then ask how could these things have come into existence without a Creator or a God? This, of course, does not prove God anymore than it might prove The Flying Spaghetti Monster created these things. It never occurred to them that all they had done was replace one unknown for another equally unknown.

God is not an answer, it’s another question. Think of God as ‘X’ in a mathematical equation. If you were given an equation to find out what ‘X’ is and you simply made up a random number as your answer, would you have solved the equation? Of course not, all you have done is replace one unknown for another.  Actually, their math is even worse than this example, because they are claiming ‘X’ equals ‘Y’… okay, so what is ‘Y’ then? They have answered the question with another question.

I do not like to use the word “proof” because it is used in so many ways and by so many people who really have no proof at all; and for the fact that nothing can be really proven. Theists will claim they have proof of God, but of course, they do not. Although I would say though that there is more evidence that there is no God simply by the lack of evidence. Of course, everyone will have their own definition of what evidence is and is not, and people of faith would most likely dismiss anything that would challenge their beliefs without even considering it … as it would destroy their beliefs if they did.

Yes, there are things for which we do not know the answers to, but making up answers to fill in for this lack of knowledge is not an intelligent way to try and understand and define these things. Would it not be better to just admit there are things we do not have enough knowledge to understand yet, rather than try to replace this lack of knowledge with equally unknown answers?

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