The Omniscient God

Omniscient God


Omniscient God

Omniscient – knowing everything : having unlimited understanding or knowledge.

According to the Bible, God is an Omniscient God. God, being the all perfect and knowing being that He is according to the Bible has foretold the future many times in the past. Through His omniscience, He knew in advance that Eve would disobey Him and eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. He also knew that there would be the need to destroy the world He created with a great flood and start all over again. He knew in advance that all of mankind would disobey Him and there would be a need for Him to send His son (himself) to die for everyone’s sins (that He knew in advance of) before creating us. If this is the case, why would he go to all the trouble to do all these things in the first place if he knew it was going to be a failure? By doing this, did he not almost set mankind up for failure?

Omniscient God

If this is true, then He knew from the beginning every person who would believe in Him and deserve to go to heaven and which ones would not.
If God was aware in advance of our every thought and action from the time we were born up until the time of our death, and He knew all this for every person that had ever been born or would ever be born, while at the same time knowing in advance we would never be able to live up to the standards for which he placed upon us, would this not be an act of futility?

Why put us on Earth in the first place knowing in advance that we would fail and fall short of his plans for us? Would a Father who loves his children condemn them in advance to an eternal agony in hell? Would this be someone deserving of our love and respect?

Omnipresent God



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