Who or What Created God?


Who or What Created God?

Theists will say that everything needs a creator, but then who or what created God? Theists will try to make the claim that God has always existed or that He created himself even after also making the claim that everything must have a creator. If God existed before the creation of time, space, and matter…how did He exist? How could something exist before there was something to exist in? Theists seem to be the one’s making the claim that nothing created something, not atheists.

This same claim would not be accepted if a theist were to ask an atheist who or what created the Universe and the atheist were to answer that it just created itself. Then why is it that this same claim is acceptable to them when it comes to explaining how their God came to be?

Theists like to make the claim that atheists believe that there was a Big Bang and then everything was just created. This, of course, is not true and nothing more than an attempt by theists to discredit Evolution. The Universe was created through millions and millions of years of evolution, not all at once. Anyone that is really interested in learning the truth about Evolution should read The Blind Watch Maker by Richard Dawkins.

So, why is the same argument good enough to a theist when trying to explain the existence of God to an atheist, but not good enough when an atheist using that same argument is trying to explain the existence of universe, matter, and energy to a theist?

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