The Omnipotent God

Omnipotent God

The Omnipotent God

Theists will agree that God is all powerful, all loving and all knowing. In other words, he is an omnipotent, omniscient and perfect creature incapable of evil. But is this possible? If he created everything did he not also create evil?

If he can do anything, can he create a rock even he cannot move, or a mountain too high for him to climb? This, of course, creates a problem either way someone answers it. If God can do these things, then he has created something he cannot do, as in moving the rock or climbing the mountain. If he is not able to create these things, then he also faced with an impossibility and something he cannot do.

Jeremiah 32:27 and Matthew 19:26 says that God is omnipotent (all-powerful). But Judges 1:19 says that the Lord was unable to help the men of Judah drive out the people from the plains because they had iron chariots. But, in Joshua 10:12, God makes the sun stand still in the sky so that Joshua can get all his killing done before dark. One would have to ask themselves if God can make the sun stand still for Joshua to attain a military victory, why did he not do something as simple as destroying a few iron chariots?

It would seem that iron to God is akin to Kryptonite for Superman.

If he is all good and he is all knowing, then he would know when something bad was going to happen, if he allows it, he cannot be all good.

The premise of the believer is “Don’t think, don’t question, just believe.” Most people of faith have never given any rational thought to the things they believe, they believe it because their Bible tells them it’s so, or because they read it somewhere else or their priest or their preacher told them to believe it. They then simply repeat what they were told or what they read and assume it to be true. After hearing and repeating this dogma over time, it leaves little room for doubt in their mind that it’s not true or at least open for discussion and critique.


God Is Omniscient