The Unknowable God


The Unknowable God


Most theists will say that the true nature of God is unknowable, that we can never really know what or who God is. This is actually one of the only things that I would agree with. Only things that exist can be known, if something is unknowable, it means that it does not exist.

Let’s use the example of a “___”.  What is a “___” you will probably ask? Good question, because I have actually said nothing, which would be the only thing that could possibly be unknowable. Once you name something or give it characteristics it becomes knowable. The fact that a theist gives this mystical creature a name “God” and then tries to describe it automatically makes it knowable because if something can be described it can be known.

So in reality, if ‘God’ is unknowable it means he does not exist, so when someone moves their lips and utters this strange sound known as ‘God’ it is as if they have said nothing at all, much like “___” would be … I have said nothing.

So either God is knowable, or God does not exist. So, is this God really The God Who Wasn’t There?


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