The Unknown God

unknown god

The Unknown God


Theists say that anyone that accepts God will be forever saved from a life of torture and misery. The problem with this is most of the world never heard of God.

There have been billions of people that have died in the years leading up to the story of Jesus and the formation of Christianity. Those people would have never heard a word about the Christian God’s existence or Jesus. Would all these people be burning in hell for simply having the misfortune of being born somewhere else or in a time before Jesus? Are they all condemned to eternal suffering only because they were born in an area, where the Christian story was not known and they were never familiar with the Jesus story, nor had they ever heard about this Christian God? Are they doomed because they never had a chance to become Christians, as these continents were not “discovered” until many centuries later?

What about all the people that were born and then died hundreds and thousands of years before Christ? Are they doomed simply by chance of being born before Christ? What about babies that died before being old enough to understand the requirements for eternal salvation? What about animals that are not capable of the comprehension of a God? What about societies such as Aborigines and other people who were never given the opportunity to know the Christian God? Are all these people simply doomed by chance?

It would seem logical that God would inform them of His existence if he didn’t want them to go to hell. Could this be an all loving God?


Unknowable God



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