What is an Atheist?


What is an Atheist?


Atheists are amongst some of the most hated people in the world, but why?  Many people misunderstand the term “atheist” and associate it with Devil worshiping or people that sacrifice small farm animals.  This, of course, is completely ridiculous.  Theists do not have a higher moral code than do atheists.  Indeed no one has ever killed in the name of “no God” yet many have killed in the name of a “God.”

Theists will argue that someone like Stalin was an atheist and that he killed in the name of atheism, but this is false, Stalin killed in the name of communism.  In fact, Stalin actually rejected Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.  In short, Stalin opposed Darwin’s theory in favor of Trofim Lysenko’s Lamarckianism

Atheism is not a belief system, it’s a rejection of theism … nothing more.  Atheists do not worship Satan anymore than we would any other God or demon.  Indeed an atheist rejects God and Satan as well. Because an Atheist does not believe in God, this does not mean that we do not believe in anything as some theists will claim.  A belief in nothing is known as “nihilism.”  Nihilism is a philosophy of an extreme form of skepticism: The denial of all real existence or the possibility of an objective basis for truth; nothingness or nonexistence.  I am not a nihilist … I know I exist.

In the discussion of theism, you either are a theist or you are an atheist, there are no other options. Think of it this way, a thing is either symmetrical or it isn’t.  If it isn’t, then we say it’s asymmetrical. Adding the “a” simply means “not.”  Since no other definition has been given to describe something that is not symmetrical in shape, other than it is asymmetrical, we cannot know what it is, only what it is not.

The same thing applies to Atheism, either you believe in the theist God or you don’t.  Just as nudity is not just another form of clothing; it’s no clothes.  Not believing in the theist God isn’t another religion; it’s not believing in the theist God … and that’s all it means.

Other than a non-belief in the theist God, atheists are free to believe in whatever they choose.  For example, you can be male or female, white, black or any other race, gay or straight, a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or an Anarchist.  You can literally have any other philosophy you like and still be an atheist.  The only thing that is required to be an atheist is the rejection of theism … period.

Atheism is not a belief, nor is it a belief in nothing.  Atheism is simply a rejection of the God of theism based on the lack of evidence. This does not mean that atheists can’t believe in a lot of other things, including things that cannot be seen like, air and gravity. Although air and gravity cannot be seen, they can both be measured and proven to exist.

Atheists do not have a special day once a week that requires they get dressed up, and then gather for meetings with their friends to compare fashion, and discuss magic, folklore, Gods, Demons and the existence of things outside the natural universe.  They do not have a handbook with special rules to obey, talk to imaginary friends or worship idols … those people are known as theists.

Atheists do not disagree on atheism.  Many will confuse what I just said to mean atheists do not ever disagree. Atheists, of course, are free to disagree on almost anything except atheism itself.  As I said in the beginning, atheism is not a belief system; it’s a rejection of theism … nothing more.  If you disagree with atheism, then you are not an atheist period.

Now let’s contrast that with theism, which is a belief system.  You can be a theist and disagree on many points about theism itself and what it means to be a theist.  A Catholic and a Baptist, for example, are both theists but disagree on exactly what that means. This is why there are so many different sects of the same religion.  With atheism, this is not a problem as all atheists agree they reject theism.  This makes our position one that is not only more definable but agreeable as well.  Just trying to define theism and what it means is hard enough, finding two theists that agree on what it actually means is next to impossible, even within the exact same sect…

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